*Closed* JOB VACANCY: EMBRC-ERIC Financial Administration Officer (FAO) | EMBRC

*Closed* JOB VACANCY: EMBRC-ERIC Financial Administration Officer (FAO)


*Closed* JOB VACANCY: EMBRC-ERIC Financial Administration Officer (FAO)

This post is now closed.

Job Title

EMBRC-ERIC Financial Administration Officer


The Financial Administrator will have responsibility over the EMRBC-ERIC financial and administrative activities.


Full time, two-years contract of employment, with 6-month probation period. This contract may be renewed.

Service Group

EMBRC-ERIC Secretariat


EMBRC-ERIC Headquarters, 4 Place Jussieu, Paris, France, c/o Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris 6.

Working Language 

The working language is English; knowledge of French will be advantageous.


Brief Description of the EMBRC

The European Marine Biological Resource Centre (EMBRC-ERIC) is a distributed pan-European research infrastructure that aims to provide a strategic delivery mechanism for excellent and large-scale marine science in Europe. With its services, EMBRC-ERIC will support both fundamental and applied research, based on marine bioresources and marine ecosystems. The EMBRC-ERIC is centrally managed by the EMBRC-ERIC Executive Director, with the support of the EMBRC-ERIC Secretariat, based at the Paris Headquarters, hosted by Université Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris VI, Campus of Jussieu. The working language is English; knowledge of French will be advantageous. For further information:


Job Mission and Objectives

EMBRC is looking for a motivated and proficient Financial Administrator (FAO) who will support the Executive Director in the realization of the EMBRC-ERIC financial and administration activities. The FAO will be concerned with the EMBRC-ERIC’s resources organization and accounting. S/he will be responsible for managing the accounts receivables and payables of the organization, develop the organization’s budget and prepare financial reports.

The FAO mission includes the preparation of the annual budget, with monthly control of the inflows and outflows of cash and other assets, and frequent formal reporting, including submission of documents for internal and external audits and certifications, for our business accountability. The role of the FAO will also include the financial administration of European projects. The FAO will manage EMBRC’s administrative subcontractors (legal, accounting, assurance) and deploy them as best suited to achieve the mission and objectives of the role.

The EMBRC FAO will further support the general administration of EMBRC-ERIC, in relation to the quality management of its distributed operations.

The FAO will have experience of both public and private not-for-profit sector administration practices.


Main Responsibilities

  • Preparation of Financial Statements

The FAO will prepare monthly financial reports. S/he will maintain dutifully organized records of all financial activities of EMBRC-ERIC and compile a budget update at the end of each month, as well as annually, and/or upon request. The reports will typically detail the inflows and outflows of cash, as well as other assets (in-kind resources), which helps in establishing accountability in the business. The FAO will be responsible for keeping all the documentation that supports the figures contained in the report, such as invoices and receipts, for auditing purposes.

  • Accounts Management

The FAO will be in charge of supervising the reception of moneys relating to the accounts receivables of the organization, such as Membership fees, project grants, service payments, etc. S/he will also pay the organization’s liabilities such as supplier’s services, insurance premiums, and other accounts payables. The FAO will attend to the financial administration needs of EMBRC’s projects, such as EU H2020 grants.

  • Management of EMBRC-ERIC Suppliers and Sub-contractors

As a small structure, EMBRC has a number of administrative tasks performed by external suppliers and subcontractors, such as legal advice and accounting. The FAO will manage these subcontractors and ensure that they are deployed in the most efficient manner in support of EMBRC-ERIC.

  • Procurement and Tendering

The FAO will be responsible for respecting the procurement and tendering policies of EMBRC-ERIC. S/he will be in charge of preparing the procurement documents for interfacing with external suppliers to produce service requests. The FAO will then produce procurement documents, and approve procurement requests and cash disbursements and reflect all the company transactions in a cash-flow statement, which s/he regularly reconciles to keep track of the monies.

  • Budgeting

The FAO will assist the Executive Director in preparing the annual budget, including allocation of HR time, based on the agreed requirements of the organization.

  • Other administrative responsibilities

Support the preparation and oversee the execution of contracts, including both financial and operational aspects, also in liaison with other EMBRC Officers, EMBRC Members, the EU commission and other funding agencies, suppliers, clients and others.

Contribute to the definition of the financial perimeter of EMBRC-ERIC and collect related socio-economic data and other performance indicators from the EMBRC partners.


Essential Skills and Competences

  • Minimum five-year experience in similar role;
  • Command of written and spoken English and French;
  • Proven expert practice of private-sector, not-for-profit financial administration, for business accountability;
  • Knowledge of EU projects financial administration and reporting needs
  • Excellent presentation and reporting skills, in writing and verbally;
  • Ability to deal responsibly with general administrative tasks.
  • Command of MS Office package.


Desirable Skills and Competences

  • Understanding of structure and functioning of European Research Infrastructure Consortia (ERICs)
  • Paralegal skills
  • IT skills
  • Cost-benefit analytical skills
  • Quality system management (ISO 9001 or other business standards)


Special Personal Attributes Required for the Position

  • Accountable and working transparently, and in close interaction with colleagues;
  • Good social skills and ability to function in a small dedicated team;
  • Excellent organizational skills;
  • Able to produce clear and high-quality output;
  • Able to work towards precise objectives under specific time constraints;
  • High-standard work ethics;
  • Willingness to cover some general administrative tasks to support the team’s needs;



Competitive salary, commensurate to titles and experience.



Full time, two-years contract of employment, with 6-month probation period. This contract may be renewed.

Overtime may be required to meet project deadlines.

National and international travel may be required for the purpose of meeting with project partners, stakeholders, etc.



Prepare your application as one single PDF document, in English, containing a copy of your CV and the name of two references, with a cover letter explaining your interest in this position and how you could contribute. Enclose this document in an email message, with subject: “Application EMBRC FAO”; addressed to: < >.

The closing date for applications is midnight on 29th March 2019.
Katharine, Worley | | Headquarters

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