**CLOSED** Vacancy for a “Knowledge Fellow” position at the Roscoff Marine Biological Station for a period of two years in the context of the H2020 project COLUMBUS (“Knowledge Transfer for Blue Growth”)

Located on the Brittany coast of the English Channel, the Station Biologique de Roscoff (Roscoff Marine Biological Station) is a world‐renowned research and training centre in marine biology and ecology, with circa 350 staff on a 20 000m2 campus, jointly operated by the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) and the Pierre & Marie Curie University (UPMC).‐‐marine‐station

COLUMBUS Marine Biological Resources Knowledge Fellow position

There is a vacancy for a “Knowledge Fellow” position at the Roscoff Marine Biological Station for a period of two years in the context of the H2020 project COLUMBUS (“Knowledge Transfer for Blue Growth”)


Marine and maritime research have critical roles to play in developing our understanding of the seas and advancing technology in order to exploit the economic potential of marine ecosystems in a sustainable manner. The COLUMBUS project aims to capitalise on the significant body of EC marine and maritime research by ensuring accessibility to and uptake of research Knowledge Outputs by end‐users (policy, industry, science and wider society).

The core element of COLUMBUS is to operate a network of Competence Nodes across Europe covering a wide scope of marine and maritime areas/sectors. A network of 9 Competence Nodes across Europe, each with a “Knowledge Fellow” and support team, will provide the necessary critical mass to ensure full thematic and spatial coverage. The Knowledge Fellow positon advertised here will work in the frame of the “Marine Biological Resource Node” led by Roscoff Marine Biological Station‐UPMC

Job Description ‐ Roles & Responsibilities

The role of the Knowledge Fellow will be to lead, in conjunction with the Node Leader, the Marine Biological Resource Competence Node using the Knowledge Transfer methodology defined in COLUMBUS. The Knowledge Fellow will be responsible for developing and carrying out Knowledge Transfer Strategies ensuring a strategic, coordinated and effective approach in transferring knowledge. Guidelines on how to carry out these activities including timelines and templates will be provided via the project, as well as through regular internal capacity training. The Knowledge Fellow will provide expertise and strategic input and ensure that the activities are carried out on time, to budget and to the required quality standard (within agreed specifications). He/she will ensure that the activities within the COLUMBUS Knowledge Transfer Cycle will be effectively resourced and will manage relationships with a wide range of groups (including all project partners). The Knowledge Fellow will also be responsible for managing the involvement of external advisors, allocating and utilising resources in an efficient manner and maintaining a co‐operative, motivated and successful team.  


The applicant should preferably have worked in both research and industry/or policy. She or he has the ability to interact with a range of stakeholders and has a sufficient technical level to be able to understand and analyse research Knowledge Outputs and determine their applicability to different target users in the Marine Biological Resource thematic area.  

Skills and Expertise

  • Analytical skills
  • Broad general knowledge of the marine and maritime sectors
  • Fluent in English
  • Critical thinking
  • Flexibility
  • Investigative skill
  • Logical thinking, organisation and self‐discipline
  • Problem‐solving skills
  • Show initiative
  • Teamwork and communication skills
  • Curiosity, objectivity and empathy
  • Determination and patience

Closing date for applications: 10 July 2015

General information

Please send your application including curriculum vitae, a brief summary (1 page) describing how the applicant's professional experience and scientific interests align with the announced position, and contact information for two references to catherine.boyen@sb‐

Review of applications will begin July 1st 2015 and continue until the position is filled.

For further information please contact Catherine Boyen (Catherine.boyen@sb‐

Download the job advertisement here:


Nicolas, Pade | MBA

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