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EMBRIC Press Release: Treasures from the Deep


EMBRIC Press Release: Treasures from the Deep

Brussels, 5. March. Around 20 scientists came first at the European Parliament to meet Clare Moody, MEP for UK South West and Gibraltar, to present the needs and opportunities of the marine environment. The debate continued during a broader scientific discussion at the Scotland House on March 5 which was attended by around 50 scientists and company representatives.
Among the points touched after a full day of lively debate was the fact that academia and industry are willing to share their expertise and match their time frame to work together at a European scale, but to do so more effectively, stronger support from the European Parliament was needed. The event was organized by Rebecca Goss from the University of St Andrews (Scotland), David Smith from CABI (UK) and Mariella Ferrante from the Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn of Napoli (Italy), as part of the European Marine Biological Research Infrastructure Cluster (EMBRIC).

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