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EMBRC-France constitutes the French component of EMBRC-ERIC, and is distributed across three marine stations operated by the Univerité Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC) and the Centre National pour la Recherce Scientifique (CNRS). EMBRC-France operates as an integrated national infrastructure, with a single entry point to the national infrastructure and expertise. Through the installations at the Station Biologique de Roscoff (SBR), Observatoire Océanologique de Banyuls-sur-mer (OOB) and Observatoire Océanologique de Villefranche-sur-mer (OOV), EMBRC-France provides access to Atlantic and Mediterranean ecosystems and their exceptional marine biodiversity, alongside state-of-the-art analytical platforms required for high quality research. Biologicals resources can be supplied on-site or remotely from a range of cultured marine models or collected from wild stocks. Accommodation and catering for visiting scientists, conferences, workshops, and summer schools are also available. For more information, visit


National Contact details

Dr. Nathalie Turque
chargée de mission EMBRC France
tel: +33 2 98 29 23 78

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