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Service List: Submersibles (ROV, AUV, ...)

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Access to diving facilities for sampling Loch Linnhe, including the artificial reef

Scottish Association for Marine Science

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  • Access Options:
    • divers
    • AUVs
    • ROVs
  • Habitatlist:
    • Infralittoral rock and other hard substrata
    • Ice-associated marine habitats
    • Deep-sea rock and artificial hard substrata
Geographical location: Loch Linnhe
  • Geographical name: Loch Linnhe
  • MRGID: 5417

Sampling subtidal artificial hard substrates

Royal Belgian Instute for Natural Sciences

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  • Access Options:
    • vessel
  • Habitatlist:
    • Circalittoral rock and other hard substrata
Geographical location: Belgian Part of the North Sea
  • Geographical name: Belgian Part of the North Sea
  • MRGID: 26567
Vessel: RV Belgica
  • Equipment:
    • Van Veen grab
    • NIOZ boxcorer
    • Reineck boxcorer
    • Multicorer
    • beam trawl
    • niskin bottle
    • plankton nets
    • hyperbenthic sledge
    • ROV
  • demersal fish samples: Available
  • geographic range: North East Atlantic
  • hyperbenthos samples: Available
  • length (m): 50.9
  • macrobenthos samples: Available
  • meiobenthos samples: Available
  • pelagic fish samples: Available
  • phytoplankton samples: Available
  • sediment samples: Available
  • vessel type: vessel
  • water samples: Available
  • zooplankton samples: Available

Access to North Atlantic Glider Base for remote sampling of data

Scottish Association for Marine Science

Access to on-board imaging equipment

Flanders Marine Institute

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Instrument: Video frame
Instrument: ROV
Instrument: Sediment profile imaging

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