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Service List: Biological analysis

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Access to ecosystem metabolism measurements

University of Helsinki, Tvärminne Zoological Station

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Instrument: Eddy correlation instrument

Access to photobioreactors

Oceanographic Observatory of Banyuls sur mer

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Instrument: Class IIMicrobiological Safety Cabinets Brand/Type: Faster BH EN 2003S
Instrument: Bioreactors Brand/Type: Labors 4 bioreactors (2l)
Instrument: Bioreactors Brand/Type: Multifors bioreactors (500 ml)
Instrument: Photobioreactors Brand/Type: Labfors 4 Lux (2l)
Instrument: Photobioreactors Brand/Type: Labfors 3 Lux (2l)

Maintenance of fish in controlled environments, necropsy, histology, immunohistochemistry, bacteriol

Institute of Marine Biology, Biotechnology and Aquaculture, Hellenic Centre for Marine Research

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Instrument: Geneamp PCR System,Perkin Elmer
Instrument: Stereoscope
Instrument: Inverted microscope Brand/Type: Nikon
Instrument: Colony counter Scienceware
Instrument: Capillary Genetic Analyser ABI Prism 310, Applied Biosystems Brand/Type: ABI 310
Instrument: Mini Transluminator
Instrument: Two laminar flow hood biohazard AURA B3 and Bunsen with the protective system Gasprofi
Instrument: Horizontal laminar flow hood CDR
Instrument: IEF system Brand/Type: BioRAD
Instrument: Electrophoresis system for proteins Brand/Type: BioRAD
Instrument: Luminometer (M500, Microbics)
Instrument: Vertical Laminar flow hood
Instrument: Water filtration system with pump
Instrument: Portable luminometer Microlumin
Instrument: Spectofluophotometer (Microplate reader) Brand/Type: Infinite M200 Pro, TECAN

Biofilm presence detection using biosensors

Istituto di scienze marine Genoa

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Instrument: Biofilm based biosensor Brand/Type: Alvim Cleantech

Extracellular and patch-clamp recording

Centre of Marine Sciences

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Instrument: Computerized system for analysis of movement and behaviour of fish (software, video cameras, recorde Brand/Type: Noldus
Instrument: Patch-clamp

Access to Ugent histopathological tech platform

Ghent University

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Instrument: 100l Fish Challenge Tanks
Instrument: Seven-headed light microscope Brand/Type: Leica, DMLB
Instrument: Automated cover slipper Brand/Type: Thermo-Scientific ClearVue
Instrument: Cooling/heating device
Instrument: Air pump
Instrument: Protein skimmer
Instrument: Water pump
Instrument: Mechanical and biological filter
Instrument: Cryotome Brand/Type: Leica DM 1900
Instrument: Image analysis software Brand/Type: L.A.S. 4.0
Instrument: Microtome Brand/Type: Microm hm 355; hm 360
Instrument: Heating plate Brand/Type: Thermo-Scientific TM1
Instrument: Cooling plate Brand/Type: Bio-Optica, PF100
Instrument: Tissue processor Brand/Type: Thermo-Scientific Citadel 2000
Instrument: Automated slide stainer Brand/Type: Thermo-Scientific, Varistain Gemini
Instrument: Fluorescence microscope Brand/Type: Leica DMRB
Instrument: Optical microscope Brand/Type: Leica, DM2000
Instrument: Automated immunostainer Brand/Type: Dako, Autostainer Link48
Instrument: Paraffine dispenser Brand/Type: Bio-Optica, DP500

Access to electrophysiology facilities

Marine Biological Association of the UK

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Instrument: Ion selective electrodes
Instrument: Voltage clamp
Instrument: Patch clamp
Instrument: Micromanipulators

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