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Experimental facilities

EMBRC-ERIC provides access to state of the art experimental facilities, to users from all sectors, for either precompetitive studies or commercial applications, and for education and training activities. Aquaria and culture facilities for both micro- and macroorganisms are the heart of the EMBRC-ERIC marine research capacity. A substantial range of facilities for maintenance, culture and experimental work on polar, cold, cool temperate, warm temperate and sub-tropical species is available. The facilities include bioreactors, mesocosms greenhouses, and licensed marine vertebrate holding tanks. Facilities are equipped for the manipulation of environmental conditions (e.g., temperature, pH, and light). Water purification systems keep avoid invasive species and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) from contaminating the external natural environment during the experiments. Technical support for these facilities is provided.

The facilities include:

  • Aquaria and mesocosms
  • Wet laboratories
  • Dry laboratories
  • Climate rooms
  • Field experiments

The services offered can be delegated to the EMBRC-ERIC staff or co-produced between the user and the EMBRC-ERIC staff, or produced independently by the user, depending on the nature (open/competitive) of the research.

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