Goals and Objectives | EMBRC

Goals and Objectives

EMBRC-ERIC Objectives are to:

  • Offer access to a portfolio of state-of-the-art research platforms, biological resources, analytical services, expert advice and data to users from academia, the private sector as well as policy stakeholders;
  • Improve the quality of access by developing common standard quality practices and unique integrated workflows of specialized services;
  • Strengthen the connection of science with users from industry through the establishment of Expert Centres for blue biotechnology innovation;
  • Educate the next generation of research scientists through exposure to and training on excellent infrastructures and services, as well as advanced technology; train researchers, also from the private sector, to utilize advanced technologies; to enhance the managerial competence and technical skills of the RI personnel;
  • Engage the European maritime regions to collaborate in the development and integration of EMBRC-ERIC and contribute to consolidate their Research and Development and Innovation (RDI) policies. 

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