Support for industry

Support in a changing landscape

Globalisation and new market conditions are constantly changing the industry landscape, requiring companies to adapt quickly, and innovate through the adoption of new technologies.  In this context, 'research infrastructures' like EMBRC have a critical role to play, supporting industry stakeholders to achieve success and meet changing new research needs and expectations. 
We support industry researchers very much in the same way as we do academic users. We provide experimental facilities, data and expertise for early-stage basic research, applied industrial research, and for testing innovative developments and products. In addition, EMBRC can offer industry stakeholders training opportunities and exchange programmes. 

Why work with us?

We are reliable and have a track record of success, and you can work with us in full discretion. We do not reveal who we work with, and, in most cases, you retain your own intellectual property (IP) for any work done in our facilities. An exception would be, for example, if you need us to develop a new strain or make your strain more stable; we would develop a contract for this purpose and keep the IP.  

Through EMBRC, industry stakeholders can save time and money. Particularly in the case of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), your needs may change considerably – from growing animals, to counting cells, and conducting electron experiments. For an SME, purchasing equipment for each research phase represents a considerable budget. We can provide our SME and other users with a whole suite of laboratory facilities for all development phases.

Finally, if we are unable to supply resources locally, we can help you source them in another country, by connecting you with our larger network of facilities and expertise. This holds true for our academic users as well.

How to connect with us

If you’re interested in working with EMBRC, please contact the EMBRC Industrial Liaison Officer for a quote and more information.