Support for researchers across Europe

How EMBRC can support researchers

We are a service provider offering access to marine biological resources, services, and equipment across Europe in support of more robust, cost-effective, and efficient research. We aim to help you push the frontiers of science!

Why work with us?

Researchers save time, money, and resources by having one access point to diverse services. We have qualified technicians with in-depth knowledge of the services and platforms who can provide support throughout your research projects. Plus, we can do much of the work for you; for example, if you need to use sharks and only need to visit our sites a couple of times, that’s fine. We’ll take care of feeding the animals for you!

How to connect with us

If you’re interested in including EMBRC as a service provider or beneficiary in your research project(s), please contact the EMBRC Access Officer for a quote and more information.