Pushing the frontiers of science, together

EMBRC is composed of member countries. Each member country is organised in a national network composed of one or more marine stations or institutes. 

Countries benefit from being part of EMBRC by gaining access to additional potential users (researchers) from across Europe and beyond. This can give the country's marine stations/institutions greater visibility and additional opportunities to be part of cutting-edge scientific advances with potential significant impact on research, policy and society. As such, EMBRC members stand to not only enhance science on a national level, but also on a European and international level. 

In addition, countries can benefit from being part of the EMBRC network. Supported by the Paris headquarters, they have regular opportunities to interact with and learn from each other. They share best practices, procedures, experiences, competencies, methods and technologies. Ultimately this collaboration and networking enables us to raise the standard of marine biological sciences in Europe. 

If you would like to become an EMBRC member country, please contact the EMBRC Secretariat.