About EMBRC Belgium

EMBRC-BE provides access to estuarine and marine habitats (water column, soft sediments and artificial hard substrates) through research vessels and a scientific diving team. It offers a wide range of experimental facilities for ecological research including climate rooms, micro- and mesocosms and equipment for climate-change related research. Integrated omics platforms for biodiscovery, microalgae culturing facilities and platforms for histological sectioning and staining techniques are available as well.

EMBRC-BE maintains a collection with well-characterised strains of marine and freshwater diatoms, including new model species for molecular and biotechnological research, a bacteria collection with >25000 strains and a living culture collection of marine macroalgae.

EMBRC-BE has five partners that aim to deliver top-level services, and strive to expand the service and training component of EMBRC.


Liaison officer

Dr Marleen Roelofs

Marine Biology Research Group 
Ghent University (UGENT)
Campus Sterre S8, Krijgslaan 281
9000 Ghent, Belgium

00 32 9264 45 21

EMBRC-BE partners

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