About EMBRC Israel

EMBRC-IL is composed of one institution: the Interuniversity Institute for Marine Sciences in Eilat (IUI), a national research/teaching/training infrastructure, focusing on the tropical Red Sea ecosystem.

IUI serves as the hub for marine researchers from all Israeli universities to promote marine biology and oceanography. It takes advantage of the Gulf of Aqaba’s unique marine features including an unusually deep winter mixing, a substantial spring plankton bloom, unusually warm waters (>20.6°C) at depth, and a lush, diverse coral reefs at a distance of only a few meters from the IUI, allowing extraordinary conditions for in situ observations and experiments. The open sea is deep (750 m) and calm, conveniently located merely 15 minutes away from the IUI pier aboard the Institute’s research vessel.

Liaison officer

Dr Gil Koplovitz

Interuniversity Institute for Marine Sciences in Eilat
Coral Beach, P.O.B. 469
88103 Eilat, Israel

+972 (0)8 636 0111

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