EMBRC and EMO BON are participating in An Ocean of Values: the 5th Community Workshop of the IOC-UNESCO Ocean Best Practices System (20-24 September 2021).

EMO BON is organising a session entitled 'Coordinating genomic sampling across a European Infrastructure'. During the session, project stakeholders will share EMO BON's experience creating shared genomic sampling protocols and open discussion to a larger audience. The EMO BON team hopes to hear from different representatives of the ocean community, to evaluate the next steps that need to be taken to add value to the currently used practices, and to work together with the Ocean Best Practices System (OBPS) community to support best practices across and within research infrastructures.
There will be two sub-sessions, one on seawater sampling (Tuesday 21 September, 16:00 CEST) and one on sediment sampling (Wednesday 22 September, 16:00 CEST) and 4-5 panels per sub-session.

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