AtlantECO standards and best practice workshop 2020
From 09/11/2020 to 13/11/2020
Online event

The first edition of the annual AtlantECO standards & best practice workshop to recommend sampling, biobanking and analysis protocols for the study of microbiomes, plastics and the plastisphere in marine, estuarine, sediment and atmospheric environments. EMBRC is one of the organisations participating in AtlantECO.

The format of the workshop will be five VIRTUAL sessions from Monday to Friday:  

  • Mon 09/11/20; 15h-17h CET - Overview (speakers tbd) 
  • Tue 10/11/20 14h-18h CET - Session 1. Microbiomes protocols (chair tbd) 
  • Wed 11/11/20 15h-17h CET - Session 2. Plastics protocols (chair tbd) 
  • Thu 12/11/20 15h-17h CET - Session 3. Plastic microbiome protocols, including experiments (chair tbd) 
  • Fri 13/11/20 15h-17h CET - Sessions reporting & synthesis

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