Join EMBRC at the DOORS Black Sea conference in Bucharest, from April 23rd to 24th, as we lead discussions on European Research Infrastructures (RI) and showcase EMO BON's role in upholding research standards and promoting open science.


EMBRC & the DOORS Stakeholder Conference

During the DOORS Black Sea conference: 

  • EMBRC will spearhead discussions on European Research Infrastructures, engaging representatives from key organisations such as EUROGOOS, EURO ARGO, EMSO-ERIC, DANUBIUS-RI, and LIFEWATCH-ERIC

    This initiative reflects EMBRC's broader role in the project, where we lead research method standardisation, promote sustainable business development, and foster stakeholder dialogue to advance Black Sea research and innovation aligned with the Black Sea Research and Innovation Agenda.

  • EMBRC will also showcase the EMO BON poster.  A great occasion to explore how EMBRC blends Open Science and FAIR data principles within EMO BON to ensure widespread dissemination of vital biodiversity data. Discover how EMO BON upholds research standards specifically in the Black Sea region.

What is the DOORS Stakeholder conference? 

The 1st DOORS Stakeholder Conference, held in Bucharest on April 23-24, 2024, offers a platform for high-level panels, interactive workshops, and a showcase of Black Sea research and innovation. Participants will engage in discussions on the sustainable blue economy, Digital Twin Ocean, capacity building, Ocean Literacy, and science-policy interface

It's an opportunity to shape the DOORS project's impact and connect with stakeholders from Black Sea countries and key regional, European, and international initiatives.

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