On Wednesday, May 15th, Nicolas Pade EMBRC’s executive director, will be present at the MARIPOLDATA Ocean Seminar Series as part of a webinar organized by the European project MARCO BOLO. This will be an opportunity to present the stakeholders involved in marine biodiversity observation, the challenges they face, and the solutions identified to address these challenges.

Nicolas Pade, MARIPOLDATA, MARCO BOLO, Ocean Monitoring

Event details: 

Date: Wednesday, 15th May 2024
Time: 5:00 – 6:30 PM (CET)
To register for the webinar, please send an email to maripoldata.erc@univie.ac.at, indicating your name and institution.

What is the webinar about?

The webinar titled "Surveying Biodiversity Data Needs among Stakeholders" comes after MARCO BOLO conducted a survey to gain deeper insights into the challenges and requirements of various stakeholders (scientists, policy makers, etc.) engaged in observing ocean biodiversity.

Nicolas Pade, Executive Director of EMBRC, along with Arne Langlet, a postdoctoral researcher in the MARCO BOLO project, and Felix Wurm, a Bachelor student of political science, will delve into the shared challenges encountered by stakeholders as highlighted in the survey, such as data inconsistencies, accessibility issues, and inadequate metadata quality. They will also explore the solutions proposed to address these challenges, including the use of maps and effective tools for data integration. Additionally, the discussion will encompass the significance of stakeholder engagement in incorporating scientific research insights into policymaking processes.


MARCO BOLO (Marine Coastal Biodiversity Long-term Observations) is an EU-funded project aimed at enhancing European coastal and marine biodiversity observation capabilities. Led by EMBRC, the project is dedicated to addressing the specific needs of policymakers, planners, and industry stakeholders to foster science-based decision-making.

For more information about MARCO BOLO, visit our webpage dedicated to the project.

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