On Monday, July 8th, EMBRC is organising a G20 Ocean Dialogues session titled “Navigating the Blue Economy: Insights from Ocean Observation Data.” Moderated by our Executive Director, Nicolas Pade, this discussion will explore a crucial question: How can ocean observation shape a sustainable blue economy?


Ocean Dialogs, EMBRC event


Event Details: 

Date: Monday, 8th July 2024
Time: 11 AM to 1 PM (CEST)
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What is the Ocean Dialogues about?

Ahead of the G20, EMBRC is bringing together a range of key stakeholders to discuss the role of ocean observation data in biodiversity conservation. Our roundtable will bring together: 

Ocean Dialogues EMBRC, Speakers

During this conference of high importance, we’ll be focusing on:

How ocean observation data can be used to monitor and conserve marine biodiversity 
The best strategies for using OOD to manage and restore marine ecosystems
Data-driven decision-making
Sustainable fishing and aquaculture practices
The importance of collaboration across sectors
Sustainable funding

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