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The European Marine Biological Resource Centre (EMBRC) is hosting a booth at the EMODnet Open Conference in Brussels on 29-30 November.


This is an opportunity to discuss the EMO BON project and how it is enabling stronger (and FAIR) data collection and analysis to better study marine biodiversity. EMO BON, which is officially part of the UN Ocean Decade, can capture a critical amount of biodiversity data, including community composition, temporal trends and response to environmental change. 



The 2023 Conference will be the first of its kind since the unification of EMODnet thematic services in January 2023. It will showcase the upgraded EMODnet Central Portal and the added value of a single entry point to discover, search, visualise and download all of EMODnet’s marine data and data products, and the value of centralised features and functionalities.

EMODnet experts from the full partnership will present the latest developments and innovations in EMODnet’s in situ marine data services, user-interface and infrastructure to meet user and policy needs for a digital and green future.

This will include EMODnet’s key role in the EU Digital Twin Ocean, including the creation of a common data lake between EMODnet and Copernicus Marine Service. It will also discuss how the EMODnet offer is evolving in terms of diversifying data collection e.g., citizen science, filling data gaps in existing parameters, resolution and geographical scope, expanding data parameters e.g., genomics, and increasing EMODnet’s offer of marine data and knowledge for societally relevant topics e.g., coastal vulnerability, sea level rise, biodiversity etc.

Read the event programme here.

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