EuroGOOS conference 2021
From 3/5/2021 to 5/5/2021
Online event

The EuroGOOS Conference aims to fosters dialogue, experience sharing, and planning between European and international partners and stakeholders, to develop a more coordinated response to societal needs related to the ocean.

The first virtual edition of the conference will offer a vibrant scientific programme on oceanographic methods, technologies, and applications, spanning ocean physics, health, and climate. The event provides an opportunity to showcase work, while the interactive meeting platform enables networking worldwide.

A broad range of stakeholders involved in ocean observing and operational oceanography have been invited, including scientists, technology specialists, business people, and policymakers. Together, they will debate ways to achieve a sustained and fit-for-purpose European Ocean Observing System and support the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development as well as the European Green Deal. The event will address synergies between European ocean observing networks and initiatives and the integration of data and knowledge for societal benefits.

EMBRC's Executive Director, Nicolas Pade, will briefly present EMBRC during the 'Side Event: Cooperation Framework Between Marine Research Infrastructures' on May 5th (15:00-17:00 CET). The aim of the side event is to bring together scientists and officers from the various marine Research Infrastructures (RIs) and marine research communities across Europe to discuss future strategy against the backdrop of the UN Decade of Ocean Science and the European Ocean Observing System (EOOS).

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Sabrina Gaber
Communication Officer