Oceans are the lungs of our planet. They provide most of the oxygen we breathe and are an important source of food and medicine. We need healthy oceans for our health and the planet’s. The European Marine Biological Resource Centre, or EMBRC, enables researchers to deepen our understanding of our impact on the oceans to ensure the sustainable use of our oceans’ resources. EMBRC is a European 'research infrastructure' that provides researchers and companies with access to marine organisms and the facilities to study them, including experimental facilities and technological platforms. Headquartered in Paris, it brings together 45 marine stations and institutions in 9 member countries. In this video, EMBRC's Executive Director, Dr Nicolas Pade, describes what EMBRC is, how it's organised, and its impact. He also explains what's in store for the future and how EMBRC will continue striving to provide sustainable solutions to some of our most pressing societal issues.

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When you think of World Ocean Day, you might imagine sharks, whales, dolphins, and turtles – charismatic animals that beguile us with their intelligence, ingenuity, and fascinating behaviours. 

But the vast ocean is teeming with life and even the tiniest organisms play their part in keeping our planet healthy. 

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