We are pleased to announce that we have published two new regional communications guideline documents on Zenodo as part of the RI-VIS project:

These documents have been developed with the input of more than 20 regional stakeholders – predominantly researchers, scientist and individuals in academia, as well as policy and industry stakeholders.

The two guidelines are structured as step-by-step guides to developing a regional communications strategy. Their aim is to provide tips and guidelines to European research infrastructure stakeholders, particularly communications officers/managers.

Both documents are broadly similar, but are tuned to each region to provide specific guidance on how best to develop context-appropriate, effective communication in each region.

Furthermore, the general findings can be useful for the development of RI internationalisation strategies; as such, the documents may be useful to additional RI stakeholders including RI directors, access officers, and others.

The guidelines for both regions follow international symposia conducted between Europe and Africa, and Europe and Latin America.

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