The European Marine Omics Biodiversity Observation Network (EMO BON) Handbook (Version 1.0) has been published in the Ocean Best Practices System (OBPS) repository.
The document, which is open and freely available, includes EMO BON sampling protocols for three marine habitats: water column, soft substrates, and hard substrates.
Through the OBPS repository, EMBRC hopes to make the EMO BON handbook even more discoverable and accessible to all interested parties (eg scientists, students, researchers, citizen scientists). 
EMBRC and EMO BON are supporting open science and constructive dialogue towards a holistic understanding of our ocean.
The EMO BON handbook is authored by: Santi, Ioulia; Casotti, Raffaella; Comtet, Thierry; Cunliffe, Michael; Koulouri, Panayota (Yolanda); Macheriotou, Lara; Not, Fabrice; Obst, Matthias; Pavloudi, Christina; Romac, Sarah; Thiebaut, Eric; Vanaverbeke, Jan; Pade, Nicolas (EMBRC-ERIC, Paris, France, 2021)
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When you think of World Ocean Day, you might imagine sharks, whales, dolphins, and turtles – charismatic animals that beguile us with their intelligence, ingenuity, and fascinating behaviours. 

But the vast ocean is teeming with life and even the tiniest organisms play their part in keeping our planet healthy.