The European Marine Omics Biodiversity Observation Network (EMO BON) is now ready to publish its Data Management Plan (DMP). The document describes the life cycle of all the data and metadata produced in EMO BON. Many experts in EMBRC were consulted for its preparation and it has been approved by the EMO BON Operational Committee.

You can find the EMO BON DMP on the EMBRC website here and/or in the Ocean Best Practices System (OBPS) repository hereThe document is open and freely available as EMO BON wants to follow transparent practices and support open science and constructive dialogue.

Through the OBPS repository, EMBRC hopes to make the EMO BON DMP even more discoverable and accessible to all interested parties (eg scientists, students, researchers, citizen scientists) and to become a paradigm of open science practices.

The EMO BON DMP is authored by: Ioulia Santi, Ibon Cancio, Erwan Corre, Cymon J. Cox, Katrina Exter, Mark Hoebeke, Anne Emmanuelle Kervella, Arnaud Laroquette, Christina Pavloudi, Marc Portier and Nicolas Pade.

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