ISIDORe is a Horizon Europe funded project that brings together 154 partners from 32 countries around the world. The project aims to support research on infectious diseases and increase preparedness for pandemicThe project has just launched two transnational access calls (TNA) open to scientists from academia and the private sector for research on:

  1. SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 and new variants (call always open, until funding is available)
  2. Monkeypox virus (deadline: August, 5th 2022)

You can apply in the transnational access calls of the ISIDORe project for the following EMBRC services:

  • natural compound libraries from different marine organisms (bacteria, fungi, sponges). EMBRC partners: SZN (Naples, Italy) and KULeuven (Leuven, Belgium)
  • non-conventional screening models for toxicity and ecotoxicity assays (zebrafish eggs, invertebrates and microalgae). EMBRC partner: CCMAR (Faro, Portugal)
  • models for vaccine immunogenicity studies (zebrafish embryos and early larvae, invertebrates for immunogenicity/innocuity screening) and disease screening models (transgenic zebrafish embryos and early larvae. EMBRC partner: CCMAR (Faro, Portugal)
  • matrix customized methods (e.g. non-human samples) and multiplexed pathogen detection. Development/application of rapid, low cost, high throughput molecular methods for population screening. EMBRC partner: CCMAR (Faro, Portugal)

To apply for access to EMBRC services through the ISIDORe TNA calls, please follow these guidelines
For more information about the ISIDORe TNA calls, please visit this webpage.

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