EMBRC's service categories

Ecosystem access

EMBRC provides access to a wide range of marine habitats, including kelp forests, coral reefs, intertidal rocky shores, lagoons, mudflats, deep-sea environments, anthropogenic impacted sites as well as planktonic and pelagic communities.

Biological resources

EMBRC offers access to living (culture collections) and preserved (biobanks) marine organisms from many different ecosystems and taxa. Other organisms can be sampled directly from the field.

Experimental facilities

EMBRC provides access to state-of-the-art experimental facilities for environmental studies (mesocosms) and for commercial applications (aquaria and tanks). Dedicated wet and dry laboratories are available for sample processing and their analysis.

Technology platforms

EMBRC gives access to the latest technologies for molecular biology and for bio-imaging, as well as platforms for biological assays and for structural and chemical analysis.


EMBRC offers access to data obtained from mid- and long-term observations of different marine ecosystems, specific software for data analysis and related bioinformatic expertise.

Supporting facilities

EMBRC gives access to conference and meeting rooms for training courses, historical libraries and bibliographic databases of marine research. Education opportunities are also offered within the Marine Training Network and the IMBRSea Masters programme.

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How to access EMBRC services

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