Access to a range of marine ecosystems

EMBRC provides access to a range of marine ecosystems, including kelp forests, coral reefs, intertidal rocky shores, lagoons, mudflats, deep-sea environments as well as planktonic and pelagic communities. Special sites and extreme environments are also provided including: (1) volcanic cold seeps, proxies for the future high CO2/low pH oceans, (2) polluted low-oxygen sites, for environmental impact studies, and (3) artificial habitats such as renewable energy test sites for research on bio-fouling, etc.

Access to ecosystems is provided through the following platforms:

  • Coastal research vessels
  • Scientific diving facilities
  • Submersibles (ROV/AUV)
  • In-situ sampling facilities and monitoring equipment
  • Field stations
  • Other ecosystem access platforms

Specialised services are also available for tracking large marine organisms, such as mammals and turtles in their natural habitat, through satellite tag and sensor design.