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Training and education

Access to training and education programmes

Education and Training service offer is a major remit for EMBRC-ERIC, already well positioned in this domain, with numerous examples of important activity:

The Marine Training Network – A web-based platform developed by EMBRC-ERIC to offer an overview of current Marine and Maritime education, whilst being a supporting framework to foster new training initiatives with exchange of best practice including a set of tools for assistance and insights in Marine and Maritime ocused trainings”. In other words, the Marine Training Platform had as objective to become the one-stop-shop for trainees in search of European Marine and Maritime training initiatives, for trainers in search of assistance for organizing European Marine and Maritime training initiatives, for stakeholders in search of insights into European Marine and Maritime training initiatives.

The IMBRSea Masters Programme - The International Master in Marine Biological Resources (IMBRSea), is a joint Master programme organized by eight leading European universities in the field of marine sciences; Ghent University (BE), University of Pierre and Marie Curie (FR), University of the Algarve (PT), University of Oviedo (ES), Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology (IE), University of the Basque Country (ES), Polytechnic University of Marche (IT), and University of Bergen (NO), supported by 14 EMBRC-ERIC operators.

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