Service providers: Interuniversity Institute for Marine Sciences (IUI)
Funding source: ASSEMBLE Plus* (2020)

‘I applied to ASSEMBLE Plus because I wanted to study the coral reefs of the Red Sea and collaborate with a leading Israeli coral research group. Specifically, I was looking forward to accessing the field research station at the Interuniversity Institute for Marine Sciences (IUI) in Eilat, Israel . The field station allows for easy access to a range of corals from shallow water down to a depth of 50 m. I have a specific interest in studying the photophysiology of corals and how corals respond to differences in ambient light regimes.

At the IUI, we were able to access deep sea corals and study their light harvesting capacities in comparison to their shallow water counterparts. This allows us to understand the life and functioning of these mesophotic ecosystems and also sheds light on the evolutionary adaptions that allow corals to thrive under dim light conditions, which also has potential biotechnological implications.

The research performed in the ASSEMBLE Plus scheme has led to important collaborations and excellent networking opportunities. Overall, my experience was excellent and I am looking forward to further exchanging with other European research stations’.

*ASSEMBLE Plus is an EMBRC-coordinated programme funded by Horizon 2020 under grant agreement number 730984