Service providers: Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS)
Funding source: ASSEMBLE Plus* (2020)

'We, Insa Mannott and Imke Lang, applied to ASSEMBLE Plus for two good reasons: first, we were interested in learning more about cryopreservation of marine microalgae and the CCAP Team at [EMBRC partner] SAMS offered us access to excellent know-how and infrastructure. The second reason was to deepen our collaborations with colleagues at SAMS and to get the opportunity for a scientific exchange on-site.

Our research is related to microalgae biotechnology and we would like to establish a cell bank for our production strains which allows for a high viability after thawing. This is important in order to ensure a high productivity and quality of microalgae strains and their products in the fermentation process.

At CCAP/SAMS, we got the opportunity to test different cryopreservation protocols for various strains of red microalgae. We also learned new cultivation techniques for strain maintenance and purification.

The results obtained helped us a lot to proceed with the establishment of standardised cryo protocols. Visiting CCAP/SAMS in Oban was just excellent. The hosts were wonderful and very supportive and we made friends and very much benefited from this great experience’. 

*ASSEMBLE Plus is an EMBRC-coordinated programme funded by Horizon 2020 under grant agreement number 730984